Empowering Students in over
100 Institutions with The Ultimate
IoT Development Platform

The MATRIX Ecosystem simplifies the learning process
and enables students to easily integrate hardware, software, and AI.

What is the MATRIX Platform and How Can I Use It?

The MATRIX platform is comprised of two educational development boards, MATRIX Creator and MATRIX Voice, which are supported by our MATRIX software libraries.

MATRIX Creator includes sensors, mics, wireless communications, and an FPGA.

MATRIX Voice can be used to build sound driven behaviors and interfaces.

Our platform enables students of various skill levels to learn simple to complex IoT, AI, robotics and engineering applications.

Enabling AI in Education


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“The MATRIX Creator allows students to design and produce sophisticated, novel IoT applications faster than ever before.”

- Dr. Jean-Pierre Bardet, Dean

“MATRIX Creators enable both undergrad and graduate students from various technical backgrounds to quickly prototype complex systems”

- Dr. Christopher Le Dantec, Professor in the School of Media, Literature and Communication

“The MATRIX Creator is valuable in courses including digital systems, measurements and control systems, AI and robotics.”

- Dr. Carlos Camargo, Professor of Digital Systems


The MATRIX Creator’s everloop provides visual feedback, and its GPIO pins open doors to applications in mechatronics and robotics.

Sensor Fusion

With 15 on-board sensors, the MATRIX Creator offers limitless applications which facilitate learning of various software and hardware concepts including state-estimation with filters such as the Kalman filter.

Caters to Skill Level

Pick from three different abstraction layers and code with up to 40 different languages including C++, Python, and Javascript.

Open Source

All libraries, starting from VHDL code on the FPGA all the way up to MATRIX Lite, are open source and customizable.

Career Preparation

The MATRIX Creator exposes students to cutting-edge technology and latest industry concepts such as IoT, AI and machine learning.

Audio Processing

Employ the 8-microphone array to learn and develop various audio applications such as acoustic mapping and voice recognition.

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Learn to code the MATRIX Creator to sense and react to the world around you.

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Learn to code the MATRIX Voice and build customized voice applications.

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